We are local health professionals, organizations, and community members who work together as a team to provide coordinated care to our community.

Ontario Health Teams are a new model of care announced by the Ontario Ministry of Health for delivery of healthcare in local communities. The goal of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) is to better connect health care (including hospitals, home care, and family physicians/primary care) and other care providers to make it easier for patients and families to receive more integrated care close to home. The first 24 OHTs were announced by the Ontario Ministry of Health at the end of 2019.

The Peterborough OHT (POHT) was formally announced on December 9, 2019. POHT’s partner organizations share a common goal to break down barriers to provide better care for patients. By improving the transitions of care between agencies, patients will benefit from better patient and caregiver experience, better health outcomes, better value in efficiency and better provider experiences.


POHT is overseen by a steering committee that guides project planning, design, and implementation. It is currently comprised of representation from the following:

Canadian Mental Health Association, HKPR

Care Partners

City of Peterborough, Social Services Division

Community Care Peterborough

Curve Lake First Nation

Hiawatha First Nation

Hospice Peterborough

Patient & Family Representative

Peterborough Paramedics

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Primary Care

Riverview Manor

Our Team

This is just the beginning of transformative
healthcare in our region.

Our organizations have been working together both formally and informally for years. As an OHT, we are committed to building on these partnerships to ensure all patients in our region are able to access and navigate the healthcare system in a seamless and coordinated way.


Together, this group of care providers and local organizations have the capacity, knowledge and leadership to improve health outcomes in Peterborough and the surrounding region.


The Peterborough OHT will address the healthcare needs of the

population by building on our existing partnerships and collaborations

to further integrate and streamline care.

Our focus this year has been on two specific, target populations:

  • Frail, complex, elderly patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including those with comorbidities of diabetes and palliation.
  • Patients requiring care for mental health & addictions.

Our key initiatives:

  • Complete Seniors’ Supportive Housing Development
  • Implement an Integrated Comprehensive Care Program (ICCP) program for frail, complex elderly patients and patients who have COPD, diabetes and CHF. A network of healthcare providers in the hospital and community would provide support patients in the program
  • Develop and launch a Walk-In Mental Health and Addictions clinic
  • Expand the Primary Care Virtual Care clinic for unattached patients
  • Expand the Peterborough Community Paramedic program